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Do you have any questions about Jordan National Metrology Institute and our metrology services? Please see below the Frequently Asked Questions by our clients.

What is calibration certificate?

A calibration certificate is a document that contains information about a device’s calibration. This certificate provides information correction/deviation of the device and uncertainty

How can we have a purchase order for calibration services?
You can contact us via email/telephone or fax requesting calibration for certain equipment, we will respond providing you with confirmation for calibration and calibration fees
What is on-site calibration?
On-site calibration refers to calibration in customer location
How to determine whether to calibrate in JNMI labs or On-site?
Some equipment can only be calibrated on-site like CBR machine; others can only be calibrated in JNMI labs like weights,
Some equipment can be calibrated on both sites depending on customer request
Is there any difference between calibration in JNMI labs and on-site calibration?
The difference in location differs in calibration fees, on-site location will have 50% extra fees on JNMI site fees
How to determine the calibration interval of an instrument?
Calibration interval can be determined either by specification, standards, or user
How we do our payments?
Payment is done using E-Fawater only
When we have JAS logo on certificate?
JAS logo is put only on accredited tests
Can you determine if the reading pass/fail in calibration certificate?
JNMI can determine the pass/fail status of reading if there is criteria determined by the user, this criteria will be stated explicitly

Do you have another question?

Don’t be hesitate to contact with us via this form.

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