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Electrical metrology division

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Our Electrical Calibration Laboratories are accredited by Jordan Accreditation Unit JAS-AU. The Registration Number is: Cal. 001 and Fully comply with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for all issued calibration certificates.

1. The Fundamental Electrical Laboratory, for Calibration and Measuring

a. National Laboratory for electrical measurement and calibration, consists the followings:

  • Six voltage cells that vary from 1.018 v to 10 v, and with an accuracy of 1ppm
  • Eleven calibration resistors that range from 1 Ω to 19M Ω, and with an accuracy that varies from 1ppm to 15ppm for every 1 Ω resistance, Decade Resistor that ranges from 1m Ω to 100 G Ω
  • Four calibration capacitors & one-decade capacitor box that ranges from 1pF to 10000pF with an accuracy of 0.0002 pF to 0.0016 mF
  • Six calibration inductors that range from 100uH to 10H and with an accuracy that varies from 0.12 μH to 0.027 Hz.

b. Secondary Laboratory for electrical measurement and calibration, consists the followings:

  • calibration of a power meter with the covering the following parameters (voltage, current, power, power factor)
  • insulation testers covering the range from (1 MΩ to 100GΩ) with an accuracy of 100ppm
  • Earth testers covering the range from ( 1mΩ to 1MΩ) with an accuracy of 0.1%
  • Oscilloscopes that cover the range from 0 to 300 MHz; measuring the following parameters: vertical deflection with the accuracy of 0.6%, Horizontal Deflection with the accuracy of 0.1%, bandwidth with the accuracy of 7% & rise time with the accuracy of 5&
  • Clamp Meters with the accuracy of 0.1% & high voltage probes and sources with the accuracy of 0.5%.
    electrical laboratoy metrology JNMI
    JNMI Electrical Laboratory for calibration and measuring_2

    2. Frequency and Time Calibration, and Measuring Laboratory

    a. Reference frequency generator (cesium oscillator), and rubidium oscillator, as well as GPS system that has an accuracy of 5×10 -13

    b. Secondary laboratory for Time & Frequency, Speed measurement and calibration

    • Which function is to calibrate less accurate equipment’s using the reference standard
    • Calibrate speed measuring devices with a maximum range that reach to 100000 rpm and an accuracy of 1rpm

    3. Biomedical Equipment Measurement and Calibration Laboratory

    The laboratory function is to calibrate biomedical equipment and clinical devices such as ECG tester, IR & contact thermometers, ESU, defibrillator Analyzer, Safety analyzer, and pressure devices, to guarantee health and safety of an individual.

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